Top 4 Platforms to Sell Ebooks Online

The days when you had to wait for months for your book to be published are long gone. The internet has enabled many authors who would have never gotten a chance in publishing houses to get their books out there in the form of ebooks. Virtually every corner of the internet you visit, there is a self-publishing platform to help authors publish their ebooks. This article highlights the biggest platforms to sell your ebooks online without a hassle:

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a)    Amazon Kindle is the number one platform to publish and sell ebooks online directly

Amazon is, by far, the best platform to list your ebooks and sell online. With their flagship Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), your ebook gets exposed to millions of readers on the platform. What sets Amazon apart from the competition is that your ebooks get published in less than 5 minutes and are made available on Kindle stores worldwide. You also earn up to 70% royalty on your ebook sales. You are also in control of your ebooks. For example, you are free to set your prices and initiate changes to your ebooks any time. Thousands of authors are making a lot of money selling their ebooks online already. You can also do so. Read more on how to properly sell your ebooks online.

b)    Apple iBook Store is the second biggest online platform to sell ebooks online

Apple iBook plays second fiddle to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing when it comes to ebook sales online. You have to save your ebook as .ibooks or .ePub file to be accepted and published on Apple iBook Store. Use iTunes connect to sign up and directly publish your ebook on this platform for sale. Buyers will need an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, as well as an Apple ID with a valid form of payment of file to be able to buy a book on Apple iBook Store. Apple takes 30% off any ebook sale as commission. Payments are effected to authors’ accounts each month. If you have your ebooks, you could try to list them on iBook store and make some money.

c)    Sell ebooks online through Google eBook Store

Google eBook Store comes third when it comes to ebook sales. The unique thing about Google eBooks Store is that it allows readers to purchase their favorite ebooks via their digital cloud technology. The cloud technology lets readers read ebooks using various portable devices from any corner of the world. The ebooks come in PDFs and ePub formats to ensure the text doesn’t move to maintain its originality. Also, Google store offers readers a brief overview of each ebook, customer reviews, price, sample view, as well as an outline of devices that can enable readers to read the book.

d)    Sell ebooks online through Barnes and Noble’s Nook

This platform for selling ebooks online was developed by American book retailer Barnes & Noble. It’s based on the Android platform. It harbors a database of more than one million ebooks that are priced as low as $4.99. Barnes and Noble’s Nook trumps other ebook selling platforms because it offers authors the opportunity to self-publish for free. It has excellent software that enables authors to write, edit and format their ebooks, as well as professionally present them. Authors are also able to share their ebooks on this platform to get feedback. Through Nook and Barnes &, you gain access to various readers. The platform also gives authors the liberty to track their sales every single day and adjust book prices anytime. This is indeed a platform to try when looking for online ebook business opportunities.


We can’t dispute the fact that many platforms to sell ebooks online exist out there today. But, you may not find the convenience offered by these 4 platforms. Make your online ebook sales hassle-free by leveraging these platforms.